Here you can find my perspectives, teachings and observations of human nature. The idea is to articulate my curiosity – to have a dialogue with my thoughts, to release that into the world where others can perceive and from there… Well, who knows. Maybe you can find answers to questions you have long been wrestling with, you may be inspired by a previously unexplored topic or form of thought, you may feel a heavy contrast to my words and wish to express that. Yet despite this place of expression and it’s lack of certain outcome, it all amalgamates into what I think is a fundamental purpose to the life of a human.

To teach

To teach is a conversation, even if you choose no words, it requires listening and a willingness to fall into the depths of your ignorance, an impetus to fly once you start the descent and then the strength to restructure your wings after they have been broken. Which you certainly do have.

The pursuit of knowledge is not a rhythm of life that should be overlooked. To pursue you need to know where your looking and for that you need to know where you are, so here’s to hoping this space can help you understand exactly that.

Welcome to Green Dharma.

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As beautiful as the aesthetic is, we must address how it came to be so attractive. We must accept that rocks bleed.

Count unchanged

Once I was asked if an eye for an eye is just; I could not give an answer until now. What good is killing a murderer to rid the world of them, when the number of murderers has not decreased in doing so?

30 Seconds

All that can be felt and described within 30 seconds is only showing of the true depths of our emotional sensitivity and capabilities of romance.

I fell in love with a shadow

What you see sometimes may only be due to your ignorance, what you think you know is limited to what you have seen and thought. Sometimes, what we love can change, and it may be as simple as turning around to inspire that change.

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