First Parable

You should not spit on a flower and expect it to grow.

The idea of growing itself is change, something we should come to terms with if we wish not to suffer, the now flower sprouted from a seed, to a tall green stem with flourishing petals. But for it to grow you need to give it something worthwhile to feed off. Water, a necessity to life, one that can be hand in hand with love.

Love the flower and feed it, let it blossom and dance in all its beauty. Do not get angry from your impatience, you will miss the beauty of its growth in the present moment. Don’t fixate your mind on the later Vibrant, large petals it may form, focus on it throughout its entire journey. Being angry will not create the change you want, it will fixate your mind on a past form or a desired form of the future, rather than the form of it presently.

For example if there is a politician out there that you don’t not like or do not agree with their views, will shouting, cursing and showing violence towards them change their mind to think your way is better? Probably not. Your way is violent and negative and you’re putting that on full display. The common phrase “Fight fire with fire and you will get burnt.” Is fundamentally driving the idea of peace and love into the spotlight. History has proven again and again that violence and hate leads to more violence and hate. Yes, some gained a kingdom but you have 10, 000 dead men at your feet. All for the concept of a kingdom, they fought bravely but blindly for another man’s Ego.

So we should look to move into a new age of less violence and hate and replace it with Compassion, love and genuine generosity on a global scale.

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

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