Second Parable

It is our defiance to reality that hurts us.

The defiance stems from our human intelligence, we know that we will do die so the questions will follow. Trying to give a meaning or a purpose to our life in hopes that when it comes to our death we will feel satisfied.

The path that many follow, to fill the voids of an unsatisfactory conception of life ultimately leads to a resistance to what Is, in turn causing suffering. We should not think to reach a enlightened, truly happy and peaceful state as a goal but rather a method. The method is Being(in the present moment). It is to be aware and awake, also understanding that we are not seperate from what we see, hear, feel, touch, smell and think. There is no “I” and an outside world beyond you. When you watch the waves, you become the waves, when you think you become the thought. Being also detaches you from bondage and stops your mind from fragmenting. Meaning your mind is no longer leaning and attached to frozen views. Which your Ego tells you that you must be right and a challenge must bring on feelings of anger. This doesn’t leave us open to what is, people may think what they think, so we can forgive them for they do not know.

Reality cannot be truly be spoken or written or drawn and so on. The only way to experience the Absolute truth is through Being. Then you will come to accept death amungst everything else life brings to the table for what it is. Part of Being, part of Life. Accept the changes, as everything is a product of Change.

You just need to Be.

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