Third Parable

Swipe for a Dandelion Seed and your wishes will never come to.

Approach is a skill, in order for it to be learnt, it must be practised. It is easy to act out if loving-kindness, with purely generous intentions and still be misunderstood. Bringing peoples attention to their own flaws or nature of their mind can result in a defensive, back foot and angry reaction. Of course this is their Ego. We should understand that the Ego loves to be comfortable, loves power and it can even convince the greatest of thinkers that they are only right. So we have to find ground that we can still try to help but not to trigger the surfacing of their Ego sprouting emotions. I have not yet found the ‘perfect approach’ (Not that I think there is one). Of course even the Buddhas words would trigger many people to be angry, but his words were spoken in accordance to Right speech*. Which means that the words used aren’t subject to leaning or frozen opinions, they are the Middle Way of words. A neutral approach if you must.
In our present day many things have changed since the Buddhas time (Not that this is to be seen as a bad thing), so there is new ways to reach out to people. But the teachings should remain the same. There is no bad Kamma* in trying to help people if your intentions remain full of compassion and no greed and also remaining aware of the fact that your words don’t truly show the truth. The truth to where you say the answer to enlightenment and true peace lay, they’re merely pointing the finger to what is already there. You just have to experience it for yourself.

So if you’re confronted by the wall of the Ego, do not be scared by it, your resilience lays within the moment itself, in the Now, there is no conceptions, Ego, or ‘negative’ feelings. Eckhart Tolle said, “Within the peace you feel within the Now, is Joy. Within the Joy there is Love. And beyond that? Not conceivable but felt.” So if you see people benefitting from this inconceivable feeling then why not point the finger in that direction.

We should all try to share the Love with each other that a mother shares with her child, on a Universal scale, no matter how small the being, how large, how different, to beings you cannot even see or comprehend. Because we are no better than anything or anyone else, we have all walked a different path, so don’t subject yourself to Judgement because that doesn’t leave the room for Love in your heart to cultivate and shine a light onto the beautiful reality you’re already living in.

*1: Right Speech – “Abstinence from false speech, abstinence from malicious speech, abstinence from harsh speech, and abstinence from idle chatter.”

*2: Kamma – A principle of cause and effect, thoughts, action and intent influence the future of that being. Also know as Karma.

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