Parable V

There is more than a silver lining in the clouds, beyond the cloud rests a sun which illuminates the contents of the cloud, making it transparent.

Even if a life on earth ends in suffering, the circle is not broken. As soon as suffering is present, the momentum is too strong to stop it completely. In all religious stories and basic biology tells us that we need two or more factors to create more life; Man and Woman, a Cell and the environment it needs to divide, God and the dimensions of space and time. So in our body of matter we have the awareness of what a ‘lack of’ life can breed and make us feel. Loneliness, regret, sadness, depression. The knowledge of compassion is immediately attained. The desire not to be I their shoes, the desire to be with them or just not alone. Even if the start there was only two humans, the path one took when the opportunity to act upon the feeling of compassion was taken, the rest of our kind continued to follow. But more presently and known now, for instance when someone dies, there is opportunity for almost 7 billion other people to act compassionately when the opportunity arises. So, the cycle continues, we always come back to love, its interconnected with all other experiences we face here on Earth and wherever we may travel.

Suffering is not the end, it is a step in the direction of love. Now, this isn’t an incentive to inflict suffering or harm upon anyone and justify it by saying it was for the sake of love or life. Inflicting harm on anyone is usually due to lack of awareness and discipline. Where their cycle may seemed to have halted at this point, everyone around can learn from observing, everyone who comes into contact with someone that expresses unwholesome thoughts or actions has this chance to observe and learn. This is where the cycles inevitable triumph is shown. The other people in contact with these afflictive emotions from others do also have the opportunity to absorb the same emotions. Anger is scary but contagious almost, seeing someone so comfortable or wiling to let these emotions take control looks appealing to the Ego. The resistance, arrogance and a primal physical assertion of strength to dominate others. Its ideal ground for your Ego to thrive in, but we know that ultimately this mindset is damaging, for themselves as well as others. It is a sure path to self destruction, resistance denies acceptance, arrogance contradicts humility and an exertion of physical harm onto other disturbs all levels of peace.

With the opportunity for so many other people to be aware of their compassion for the being losing their peace, there is a guarantee that someone will choose that path of light and compassion. Reproduction had led to the numbers that help the chance of the cycle to never be broken, life is creating the grounds for more life to thrive. Also it is generating the numbers of people that are also consumed by the suffering also, teaching or showing the impressionable to be like minded. We see it everyday in the news, all this war, crime and hatred is plastered over the media. Most of the people lack the knowledge to a suffer – least life, they have been raised in a particular environment at a particular time surrounded by particular people that have too fallen victim to the absorption of suffering and its friend the Ego. Further down the line the conditioned nature of these people becomes cemented with afflictive emotions. But it does not mean that they cannot change, cement can be worn away layer by layer with the persistence of water, washing over it. Think of water as Love, the catalyst to life continuing. You don’t want to break the cement with a hammer as this approach of forcefulness is against the peaceful nature, the truth can sometimes seem harsh and blunt when expressed as truly as possible but if we do not tread lightly and smash the cement, ‘their reality’ may be split into two. Causing them more confusion and may lead them to be too sceptical even upon their own existence, no one ever grew a tree by punching a sapling into the ground repeatedly. Whilst these sceptical thoughts may be healthy in a philosophical context, without knowing these thoughts can be voluntary rather than the confused resistance which then surfaces these thoughts, self destruction is imminent and approaching fast.

So how do we avoid people self destructing and halting their cycle at the ends of Suffering? The truth is their life never halts at suffering, their mind may not be free from it upon death but with the interconnected nature of everything, there is always an effect on something else. The cycle shows us that the opportunity for acting lovingly and compassionately never fails to arise, especially in numbers. The information that emits from all phenomena is in essence all neutral, once someone receives this information, it is then interpreted as either positive, negative or neutral as it is. In the objective view of everything, there Is no interpretation, it is a very human trait due to our natural curiosity and with our ability to doubt. So when someone dies unhappy, angry, without peace. The information is out there for the rest to interpret. And cultivating compassion, loving kindness, generosity and patient forbearance within ourselves, our interpretation will be one of the same nature. So no matter how ‘dark’ the situation may be, the chance to turn it into one of light is always there. And that also helps prevent the contagious nature of anger and Ego from spreading its roots into the soil of life that we walk. The prevention of all suffering starts from within yourself. Acting kindly to others and yourself will reap more of the same towards your yourself, this is not to say that you wont come across those that suffer in your life, remember its part of the existence of all sentient beings, but we can choose to bring those who are in the stage of suffering to a more blissful state of peace once we have overcome the necessary storm. All will lead back to love, reading this will not alone bring you out of the stages of suffering, the action upon the opportunity will.

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