Essence is what makes the moments real

I feel the atmosphere, energizing my soul

I don’t know even if the soul is real, i just know that essence makes me feel whole

Have you ever been exchanging energy with another being, in an infinite loop

You could ride the wave and vibe for a lifetime

They sew through your skin and you can only imagine that what reaps from the partnership

You can feel the Essence radiating like the glare from the sun,

Felt by even the most blind.

Clouds cannot impede Essence as it is the essence that makes the cloud

You can see what barriers they give from the sun but it is the sun that illuminates them, without one another the existence of the both to exist, a reality of the twos partnership is unknown.

That is the beauty of Essence, its there, mysterious, but as much as you stare you cannot hold it down.

Just watch the Essence unfold without making a sound.

Its motion is one like a flower blooming in spring.

Have you ever felt free in the company of another human being?

To be able to act as you wish, i’m not talking about a desire to kiss but to enjoy the moment entirely, leaving you only to reminisce…Intensely.

The jewels that bless your face engage you two not into one

But as the sum itself, together you are everything, yet nothing

A sum that makes no sense but perfect sense

This is the middle way of Essence.

There is flavour, there is energy to the moments you caress together

However, it should not be mistaken for love.

For love is a product of Essence

But when it fades as the delusion of forever has been realised

Your real eyes see that it wasn’t meant to be, or it would be so

Essence has side effects of: Pressure of the chest, mild headaches, no rest

Should’ve guessed, i need a break, this wasn’t the best.

But it was!

You had a taste of the Essence, its flavour is luscious, it warms and soothes the taste buds of your conscience. It doesn’t need more but the desire is one like no other,

It frees you,

It teaches you to love unconditionally

It grounds you

It feeds you

You feel it in every cell in your body

Every emotion that arises wants to be there

It is already there

Essence needs no other to exist

It is the experience of reality that is Essence

Felt by one is complementing

Felt by two is reinforcing

Hence why we should not seek or search but to find in time the enlightening state of undeniable Essence.




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