Greater Weight

In the scale of the Universe, we humans are almost insignificant in terms of how much matter we consist of. Our planet itself in the scale of just our own galaxy is unseen, so we are even more so. But what i find liberating is that it is our awareness and/or consciousness that gives us such a greater weight. We are far more powerful than what our size would indicate. There again it is ignorant to assume that the size of something really determines its importance in the world. For example a Bee, they’re small in comparison to us Humans – about an inch long, and often find themselves at our mercy when they’re in the airspace close to us. But and a very big one indeed, many plants and crops entirely rely on Bees to help them breed. They carry the pollen and spread the pollen wherever they fly, many of our populations of humans could starve if the Bees were to go extinct. Something as small as a bee’s (the lack there of) could bring millions of humans to their knees. It isn’t the matter and size of the bee’s that makes an impact, however it is their actions that sends ripples, causing the environment around them to change.

Now Humans, can cause even greater ripples. Think of a bee as a pebble dropping into a  infinite pool of water changing the landscape of the water as the ripple surges throughout the space. Think of a Human as a stone boulder dropping into that same infinite pool of water, the repercussions of that boulder touching the water, that interaction, causes a far more impactful ripple. The landscape of the water rises and falls higher and lower as the momentum shifts and rolls throughout the space, effecting everything in its path. And what makes us a boulder to the bees pebble, is our awareness, our consciousness, our ability to choose and reason. A bee only knows how to be a bee, and you could argue that a human only knows how to be a human, which would not be far from the truth. But its our decision making that presents us many more paths than what a bee can take. And along these paths we create those greater weights, we can choose to maintain and experience a blissful peace, which in turn changes the environment around us. Change yourself and everything, everyone, is impacted by your interactions. We see however that a bee will follow its instincts and will serve to the queen, pollinate, fight and produce honey. If i was to write all the general paths of a human, it may take years to even write out.

So it is this choice we attain that i find makes us extremely powerful. We can destroy our planet and have the potential to destroy others but more optimistically we can help our mother planet thrive alongside with nature and start new life on others. One human has the ability and potential to change the lives of billions of others. Looks at Jesus for example, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Gautama Buddha and many more. They have transformed the lives of billions of people around the world, they all were aware of their impact maybe not to scale of numbers but of how they could improve the lives of others around them. They worked and studied themselves, spread the word of peace and love, spread the knowledge that our skeptical minds need to be reassured, told of a path that we can follow that will help life thrive. Determination, willful effort used from the understanding of great wisdom will put you in the same position as these people, maybe not to so many people but certainly you will have an impact on the environment you walk through, changing the lives of people you meet and see.

When ever you look at the moon, ocean or any other natural environment that seems to make you feel small, remember it is what is within you, but not separate from you, that makes you larger. You’re larger than any tree, deeper than any ocean, more giant than any planet, brighter than any star. Know the wisdom that all of those things are a part of you, we share the same compounds, so we should try to help prolong and enlighten our life and in turn they will benefit to.

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