The title of God is not important nor does it truly represent the essence of what the word is describing. A sequence a vibrations and muscle movements, presenting as syllables cannot tell you what God is. 26 letters cannot tell you what the nature of life is or how it came into fruition. But we can however point in the direction with our words to understand how to experience the Source and how it can make us feel. To me, God is Source, the source of everything. The conceivable, the not conceivable, what can be seen and not. But the nature of God is not always felt, we live with the energy of God within us, to speculate whether there was a being that created us is not my concern, i will not play the guessing game with an inevitable end of not knowing, so i sit content in my ignorance. What i do know is that i am aware, i am conscious and it is this state, this being, this energy that i feel that i call God or Source.

We have a complex mind, and a well engineered vessel of muscle, bones and nerves to carry it carefully. Interconnected as a root is to the stem of a plant. Our mind is able to think, produce thought, controllable and uncontrollable, we have a voice in our head that we can hear. It is not those thoughts or the voice within my head that i may define as me, it is the awareness that can watch those thoughts that is I . How we came to be in human body i do not know, but i know that the body we walk with, the mind we use to control the body is a perfect ship for our consciousness to live in. If it is the Earth that we can speculate that creates the environment for the consciousness to live in, through evolution then why have other animals not evolved to develop awareness also? We hold the perfect conditions to experience Source, it is a peaceful state, it holds no ego and no desire it is nothing more than life essence itself. It is only the Ego of the human mind that clouds our vision towards a peaceful life, the Ego has brought us great inventions, infrastructure and technology, through the means of encompassing desire, greed and pride. But those same characteristics have surfaced famine, slavery, animal torture and rapidly increasing global warming.

There are indeed ways to still use our minds to develop or technology and to find more efficient, global friendly, progressive methods to change the world for the better. The better being a more compassionate world, with more rounded communities where we dont hold rigid distinctions between others but rather accept the diversity of culture, all whilst valuing the prolonging of life at the peak of our ethical framework globally, but if you struggle to see what it is that will prolong life then just prolong yours, work on your well-being, watch your ego and do not let it control your actions. Your environment will then soon change. And this idea is not Utopian or unrealistic, its possible, the tools are there we just need to know how to use them correctly. We need a shift of awareness, a spiritual revolution if you will. The knowledge of who you are lays out there, the source of life is within you. Once you discover the art of Being then you will never doubt its very essence that knows nothing other than how to live.


Breathe slowly and deeply, feel every muscle work to pull in and release the air within you. Wait patiently for a thought to come, it soon will. Listen to the voice in your mind that speaks this thought, watch the thought play out and follow its direction. It will soon pass. Now be aware that you have just watched your thoughts, something within you, with no eyes or ears was aware of that voice. What is it? That is you.