Let me express my world and prophesize with a prophets eyes:

I see the imbalance of a world lit to be so clear, talking with my peers – I know that to some its a skit, why wouldn’t you cheer? But if you peer, not out but in, acknowledge all your sins. It acts as a mirror, reflective by nature, pushing away the light but because of great fortune, life can cater…

For you? For whom? The need to think the world is reasoning for you, ultimately leaves you with gloom. The universe owes you no things, and it need not to make sense to King. Upon reflection of those that cheer there is the others without a care, lazy, maybe… that’s just an excuse for those who tell life “Please don’t chase me!” Enduring times become obscuring, detaching you from the absolute reality where life really is reassuring.

He is not a He, She applies the same, this is not the key. Knee. Let life kick you to the ground and then look up to plee, “THIS IS NOT ME.” Life doesn’t care for you but don’t worry, it cares just as little for something as important as a tree. Or… maybe i’m not hitting the point on the head of the hammer, its pummeling down, strong sounds, with no bounds, but then why do we even want to make bounds?

Why am i born with the need to keep going, sowing the works of how i reap? Life made me this way, it gives me that room to sway and leave me skeptical but what/who gave me this spectical? The grand show of life, curtains are never drawn, spotlight always on, but the fact that i even have a stage to perform is the blessing above all.

So i sit here skeptical, taking the props life gives me, i transform that stage into something that i know lifts me, kiss me, diss me, all else other than mine is your own, i’m responsible for how i take it all for i know i am not alone. A product of nature, closer to life than ever, science helped me see this way, now i need to endevour, deeper into my body, i’m not searching for my soul but what makes me want to keep on going like a bee, that’s what i’m trying to figure out, call it a goal.

The prophesies don’t bother me, see we are all in the same boat on the sea’s that float, the pushing the tokes. The awoke can revoke and set sail with me, maybe drink some tea and talk about philosophy? I now think its time for us to find it acceptable that we are all on the same stage feeling a little skeptical…