Tamed flame

How is it we expose soft palms to a camp fire

But tremble seeing a house on fire

To light our vices with a flame

Yet rain in our soul it does when red fills the sky.

Sunsets paint the same colour

Smother our senses with warmth

So we know it’s neither fire, nor heat nor red that scare us.

It is our fear of its potential.

Red can taint vision

Heat can melt skin

Fire can eliminate


Red can paint love

Heat can make it felt

And Fire can forge the rate in which your heart beats


Reach we do for those outcomes

But afraid we also are for scorching our hands

That my friends is the tale of Beauty and the beast

Duty that released your soul to the plane of romance

Serve it’s purpose and fight past it’s fear


Warm your soft palms by that fire that highlights how fragile your skin is

Let the red tones soothe its sting

And let the heat dilate your veins so that your heart has more room to beat your blood that so dearly asks you to not be cold.

Fires are not bright because they wish to be seen

Fires give light so that everyone’s paths are closer to serene

That is a tamed flame


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