Count unchanged

He took an eye

He could half see the sky

When the birds came by and flew

He sat in chair

He was greeted with snare

When the mother dared to look

How could the other

Take from another

When the brother is left the same

To kill for pain

Justice to gain

Killing a murderer leaves the count unchanged

Eye for an eye

Does not mean the other dies

It means to see despite the tears of cry

2 thoughts on “Count unchanged

  1. Taking a life is not right in anyway, but showing mercy can also be an insult to the grieved

  2. You’re right Paul, I do see that to be a burden of acceptance and the lesser of two evils for the grieving. They will have to see the murderer live on, and they will have to address the monster, they will have to know it lives away in the cave (symbolically).

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