1. a period of reflection or thought.

All of my writings stem from my Musings, I often don’t write in bulk or for long periods of time. I have a book that I jot down my thoughts when it feels necessary and from there I can find inspiration to write and elaborate on those thoughts. I may sometimes refer to being present or in the moment as a moment free of thought, a state of pure concentration, seeing the Pure Land of Buddha. So when people think or have thoughts in moments they wish to be thoughtless, that they’re a barrier or nuisance. But this can lead to resistance, do not be angry or frustrated at your mind bringing thoughts to the surface of your attention, be aware of them and know that you can use the time to learn, the thought will subside and you may be brought back to a thoughtless state or another thought may arise. Either way, just stay aware, watch your mind, that way you’re still staying present, just in the land of thought.