1. a statement or comment that conveys a meaning indirectly by the use of comparison, analogy, or the like.
  2. a short story that uses familiar events to illustrate a religious or ethical point.

My parables are open for interpretation but my intention should stay clear. We have learnt from history that the idea of using parables can lead to more misfortune rather than their greater purpose of helping us come to a higher realisation or awakening. Through the Bible Jesus often preached through parables, and in todays age the philosophy of Christianity and the moral code that it puts forward is misunderstood in my opinion. Because of a parables lack of directly saying ‘what is’, the rather complex human mind can interpret for its original intention or as something other, usually something that leads to and has greater negative impact. But there is a great beauty in the use of Parables, creativity is a human luxury and I encourage the use of creativity in all areas of life. Some say it takes our attention away from reality itself, but I think it draws us closer to reality itself if used purposefully. Creativity can draw us closer to details, its a state of concentration. Saying “you should not spit on a flower and expect it grow.” has a greater impact immediately if you understand the premise and direction at that moment. The imagery can help us feel a deeper more resonating connection due to its relatability. We have all seen a flower and we’ve all seen our own spit. But what I go further on to explain is that, the spit is anger or malice and the flower can be what ever Love you want to cultivate in life. Also factually the components of saliva don’t have the same properties of water and therefore isn’t fit to help a flower grow. I gave the luxury of explaining the Parable of course and that isn’t the case in all modern or ancient Parables that have helped shaped our idea of a moral compass.

So to the question that some propose, why speak in parables? Because the lasting resonance you can get from a phrase or sentence when understood can be repeated and used to transform your perception of life with the intention that it was put out for. Just like a Mantra. Ill add that parables don’t have to be short, they can be whole stories, pages long. But in relation to mine, here is the answer.

Also I explain them anyway so, hopefully you don’t get confused!