Life cannot betray you

To think what is yours,

to sink when its lure is deceptive.

You chase a fix of rush

you try to scrape the dirt under your nails with the peak of a mountain

you wallow in the pit of pity.

All these grant you a surge

a current that propels your body towards its surplus

But just as you stretch

the wretched call of resentment hits you again

Your being is fixed

now tell me how you are different from the street sleepers

who’s teeth are painted obscure

and yours supposedly reflective

You may think that life has betrayed you.

But its chaos,

is at least constant.

It cannot betray you as it does not exist for you

and it owes you nothing.

Yet you take, you cry

you make.

You chase, you lie,

you break.

These are the peaks and valleys of the Gods

The euphoria of looking into Aphrodite’s eyes

The flame of fear behind Athena

The strikes and judgements of Zeus.

You my fellow human, are fixed.

And that is what connects you.

Obscured teeth by dark choices

White eyes by easy fortune.

We are all fixed,

not to the taste of honey

but by the feeling of running away.

Would you resent life and fall to entitlement if you could fly like a hawk?

Would you sulk if you could breach the ocean surface as a dolphin?


But the tip of the pen falls here;

think, am I betrayed by a snake that bites me?