The listening bridge.

Some of us may have come acrosss people in our lives that can relate strongly to these words.The age of awakening is in its full flow, people are more aware than ever, about themselves as well as world topics.

Along with this awareness has come an attachment to group identity. And it’s stunting the growth to what awareness is fully capable of helping us achieve.

A revolution and wave of people now not afraid to express their emotions. They became aware of what oppression they have faced and now with an open field that doesn’t on the most part surpress expressions of emotion, the field is now their playground and they now do as they please. Which is healthy until the attachment to like-minded people comes in. Suddenly the ability to express all emotions becomes sourly veiled by Pride.

The delusion that many face is that they’re pushing for more love and compassion amungst everyone, thus changing the life situations around the world which inhabits everyone on an ‘equal’ playing field, like their own. What pride does is rejects any other perception outside of its own. Pride riddled people are very reactive and they are usually not aware of their own inclinations. The Pride cancels out pure compassion, the ability to understand and listen. Compassion to me is a close Sister to Empathy, not rejecting others perceptions, nor judging. Its knowing that neither of you are right or wrong. You’re just different pieces of the puzzle to the picture you both live in.

When you lack compassion your mind usually assumes the worst, rather than the more loving, nothing.

One of the greatest skills we can practise as humans, is to listen. Many of us have forgotten it’s importance, the ability to listen goes beyond hearing. Hearing is primal and anything with ears can recieve sound waves. But we have the ability to hear sound waves, understand that those waves are coming from a source we can identify, interpret them through our knowledge of language and what those words that comprise our languages mean or are trying to describe. And from that understanding what they’re trying to describe we can accosiate our own past experiences with one’s that have lead to similar or the same emotions that once arose. And then. The bridge has been built, the bridge of understanding and compassion, cemented by listening.

So to those that often find themselves rejecting others and their thoughts. Realise your veil of Pride and know that it burns the bridges that you are so passionately trying to build. We all urn deeply for love, so the best way to cultivate it around you is to put it out there yourself, to everyone.

“Join hands and smother what you so passionately love with Pride and you will kill what you love. Join hands and smother what you so passionately love with compassion and what you love will live on with you.”

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