I fell in love with a shadow

I was unsure whether or not it was real

Although, what is real did not concern me

for now.

The curves of its shape seduced me

How could I see the beauty in mere geometry

Angles, lines, and degrees

Its X-axis made me long to be

Y it made me stand tall and reach

The right angle of elbow used to guard my face and heart

Soon became extended to the 180

Which is what I turned once I laid eyes on this…

I’m not sure what it was.

My limp but hopeful hand were about to caress the face of God’s work

Soft my approach

Loft my heartbeat

A seat is what I needed as the nerves of touching beauty struck me

How upsetting it would be to crush it

Callous hands and cold eyes

I had been through it, seen the devil

Danced with him and came out fit.

What if my hand were still to carry the fire I had to use to shake hands with Satan

My hand landed, softly on the face of what I thought was God’s work

My knees bent like an equilateral triangle

My face now became the graph where tears plotted to salt my appearance

My limp hand became limper


It was pressed against a wall as I looked at it

My degree of chin went from hopefully

To shame.

There was no beauty,

I had been blinded by its attraction

Like a child first approached by a butterfly

Curious I was, furious I was

The devil had been playing tricks on me again

I thought the war was won

But too did I think this was to be my lady in blue

I sat there, slumped, hand slid off the wall

In a pool of tears because my sight had been narrow.

If only I had looked around

To see that I had fallen in love with a shadow.


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