The idea that held the world


Who do you love?

Your mother, partner?

It’s a question,
Exposing by nature
What are you waiting for?
You’ve had years to know what it is
The word we globally share to show
Who is worthy of our kids,
But yet, no.

As perplexing as it may come
It’s not an opportunity to run

It’s moment granted with choice.

Rejoice if you think you have the answer
But who declared you right?

It’s a tight road walking on a path where you think you know

Who says you’re worthy of defining such a word?

You whip it around without thinking
The venom of an unknowing term slashes the hearts of everyone you cling to.

We think the slashes are warm but they’re indeed uncomfortable

It’s untouchable.

How could something be so right,as brilliant as a stars light.
But so wrong, like a child’s eyes waiting for reassurance, so long.

Tell me.

What do you feel now?

You claim to love someone now,

But I tell you that it is not an emotion.

As I would see the euphoria light your eyes, shoulders lower and hair stand

But I don’t.

You would feel the very fabric of your body gravitate towards the maverick on your accord, salivate at doors opening to your lover

But you don’t. Not now at least.

Yet you still claim to love someone now.

Sir please.

Tell me what you think?

Love I believe is an idea
Its an excuse to maintain and refrain from defeat of relationships.
We turn to a word that helps us justify
From who we learn
How to proportion our time

With every second we claim to love
Every minute defines what we shove
The hours pass and feel it’s grasp, it’s weighing nature.

An idea sits on your head so heavy yet it has no weight.

Because we confuse our emotions for its sake

An idea transcends the chemical
It’s fictional, no real connection, umbilical.

Respect the nature of an idea as it truly sets the table for us to eat clearly
Knowing what we stab,
our knife slices
To know how to perch our lips on a fork with a heart beating, not eating whole, only dices.

Disect the word until you see it’s fictional reality but do not strip it’s meaning.

Love is an idea, we may hesitate to admit but present to me a better case and we can dine with a candle lit.

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