What is Natural?

  1. existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind.

Now i’m in no place to say any definition is wrong but i will challenge what i feel is necessary in order to refine my vocabulary to bring it as close to reality as possible. We are at the mercy of our own language, which has become the medium of expression in our societies. And understanding the importance of expression would entail that we would use that language as precisely as possible, in order to leave less room for confusion with a collective that is already confused.

So the direction is take the word natural is one in which describes the intelligence all life has and that intelligence is to ‘live’. That being to sustain for the sake of sustaining. Even something as destructive as the Ego only knows how to live and survive. That is why when a proud opinion is challenged, it recognises annihilation of that distinction and constructs a reaction that can protect it, affirming and preserving its life/control.

The course of all life is natural, i ask if Bee’s honey is natural, you may say yes, but if i was to ask if plastic is natural you may say no. Even without knowing the ‘common definition’ of natural. What i question is the difference, how is the process and outcome of making honey is natural and the process and outcome of plastic is not. There are many reasons people may use to conclude the distinction, so i will point out the fundamental similarities instead. Both Humans and Bee’s, along with all living organisms, are born with ‘form intelligence’. The Bee’s intelligence to us seems inferior or basic; They breathe, they fly, the pollinate, the eat, they vomit, the excrete, they sting, they communicate, they make honey, they die. With a human mind we can see the simplistic nature – the life of a bee but fail to see our own. We do all the same things but different and that difference, by potential, can have a larger impact on everything that surrounds us. They learn how to make honey, we learn how to make plastic amongst other things too. But just because of the potential impact plastic can have on our environment we say that it is unnatural, what about lying? Is that natural? We practice it from young as means to escape the outcomes we don’t want, we may quickly learn that its not healthy and may choose to stop but it certainly came naturally to you when you were younger, it still would be now. Whilst lying may not be something material, its a product expelled by form, a form with intelligence.

This is the direction life leads us to, we are not Bee’s, we are Humans, why? I don’t know. And if we don’t know then how do we have the ‘power’ or capacity to say what is meant to be? If you cant figure out why you’re a Human rather than a Bee then how can you objectively say in confidence that the direction and allocation that life shares has any more natural origins and outcomes than anything else. The course is natural, which we all share. Different pathways but all in the same direction, a ever expanding intrinsic labyrinth of natural, interconnected occurrences.

To say one direction is natural and the other isn’t would imply that nature doesn’t know how to live.

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