We may come across Tigers again but look for their stripes, they know no better, they’re our teachers, knowing this makes all the difference.

They beauty of the human life, this 3rd dimensional experience, we have the mind, developed consciousness and the ability to choose with more variety than the two dimensional animals know are available. The greatest travesties that have occurred in human history have been a benefit to us more than a hindrance. The genocide, murder, control and exploitation has helped the greater many benefit, more so than the numbers that suffered. That’s whats special about our experience. The events of what we may call evil sends a ripple throughout the entire universe, we being so close feel the ripples strength, we see first hand what its like to suffer and we hear secondly how others share the same depths of saddening experiences.

People struggle to accept the events that happened, the ones that hurt so many, they may label the inflictors as inhumane or not human. But it is these moments i see human evolution jumping another step, these inflictors were raised in a particular environment at a particular time with particular circumstances. Their parents, their genes, their thoughts, their friends, their experiences. Life led to that moment. Everything that has ever happened in the existence of life as we know it has led to these moments, where inflictors are bred. The jump of evolution is not the event itself but the effects from the event, they jump start a new wave of compassionate people, a new wave of visionaries, a new wave of charity workers and so forth. All leading to a more compassionate – kind world. Its like life presented us with a flawless, beautiful flower, poisonous to consume but it is not there to consume it is there for the sole reason of existence itself, no purpose other than to be itself, yet watching and admiring it can teach us countless lessons. There is no need to debate whether it was meant to be, because it is has passed. Acceptance is what drives us to a more compassionate world, these events of inflicted suffering are just moments of accelerated evolution in the inevitable direction and course of life.

Now we have seen what people can cause to each other, we have already learnt. We do not wish to experience this again as the majority, our empathy cannot be kept at bay. We no longer need to savagely maul another to realise that it does not bring happiness or help the prolonging of life, once one is killed, the rest can learn. Its the beauty of being human. Imagine if Tigers realised that they didn’t need to kill each other for territory, if they communicated and understood that they do not need to kill, their numbers would thrive, they would have greater, stronger communities of Tigers that could explore the world in stronger numbers. They’d rule the land of which they lived. Whereas they will always kill and never learn that it is not needed, we learnt this lesson over 3000 years ago. But the mans Ego interfered , our reality was sliced into imaginary conceptions that helped our Ego gain control over our daily lives. The Ego didn’t like the unpredictability of life, so it created its own. And look where we are now…

We live in realities where we have sat back into our two dimensional ways of our fellow inhabitants of mother earth, our societies are driven by competitiveness, greed, dominance and territory much like the Tiger. But unlike the Tiger when we fight for dominance and territory we forget our ability to love unconditionally. That the Tiger never loses, neither do any of the other animals. They don’t become blind, they’re instinctive, they allow all emotions to be expressed freely. We should use our natural talents to seek progression, look to the stars for inspiration, feel each other for compassion. We do not need to fight like the Tigers, but we can also learn from the Tigers. Be instinctive and love unconditionally, but use reason. Think logistically yet presently, teach the balance of heart and mind and act kindly, you have already taken the first step.

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