Peripheral i

I trained my peripheral

I saw only the I of the It

An angry cat without the tick.

The lights on the walls,

The waterfalls of rain upon a window.

The moisture of the eye

The degree of shoulder

The smoulder of ones voice.

I see the details now as a given choice.

To notice is to be held by the judge of Action

It is a ruling, stern trunk

Rooted in ones brain as it informs now us of responsibility.

To fight the heaviness I learned to hold a situation.

To see the It as well as knowing its inseparable from I.

I know the scent of my back,

The clouds from distant

and my companies eyes.

As this all allows me,

to adapt,

to notice,

to encapsulate every moment into words of an experience.

I dont want to miss anything

as much as I dont want to die.

This is why I trained my peripheral eye.

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