in 1000 coffees time.

As she walks towards him, he grows taller, daunting, unnerving but from afar he walks amongst the rest, beautiful, present, more brilliant, but no better.

Chest perched on his confidence, nose no higher than the degree of snobby and eyes as absorbent as true black is to light.

Those qualities are more comfortable from a distance. Up close they act as a mirror of what she is not.

Upon hesitant approach, the lure of his attractiveness acted as a leash, he admitted that it is true. He peaked where she fell and they both knew it.

Which stung,

but no quicker than the sting punctured, he had words as tweezers, grasping and snapping off the point to what had intruded.

He said that he is not what she is and he too sees her mirror.

The difference is, he has learnt how to face it. He is as polished as those surfaces come, trailing only the ideological ideal.

He made sure to let her know that even the thickest glass can crack.

She can choose to be close and face her pores that ooze the liquid of easy choices,

crowning her with growth and shining virtue,

or just watch and drink her coffee from afar that she has tasted 1000 times before.

Daniel Gerhartz

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