An observers will

In an extreme effort, driven by an impetus to be free – creatures fall off the mountain top expecting to fly, without first constructing their wings. And they then walk angry on stones and marsh of disconcernment. The observer of flailing bodies may question; ‘why jump off a mountain when you can use steps? Why hold your virtues in one hand when you have two? Why speak of vision when you cover one eye?’

The lawful force of creation has given symmetry and the colours that sit in between. Yet creatures choose their distinction and claim it is now the place of progression, they speak it with blind eyes, as a Spartan would wield a sword. Now the observer may be closer to liberty and progression as he can construct his wings with blue print – or any colour he choses.

This hero may walk the stairs with wings but he is never limited on his direction.

Frederic, Lord Leighton –
Perseus and Andromeda

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